Her department had a dozen administrators. All of them were initially trained by Brea. She expected each administrator to meet their duties at a high level.She would review their performance every six months. I experienced a most positive shift in professionalism in our staff that dramatically changed the work environment. What I remember was a well-trained department that worked hard, had pride in their work, and enjoyed working for Brea.

- Bob Davidson, Dealer Relationship Manager


I have had the opportunity to work with Breana during her employment with one of my long tenured clients.  During the 4 years, I worked with her, she was outstanding.  She is very knowledgeable and when asked for financial data, it was received promptly.  She is a Christian lady and it shows in her kindness, as well as her in work performed.  Being a detailed individual is what many business owners may need and are looking for.  I would highly recommend her services to any business that is seeking a bookkeeper, accountant, analyst, or consultation

- Danny Sawyer, Banker


Breana L. Zaborowski, CPA, is an excellent consultant and goes above and beyond to anticipate current and future needs. Brea is a professional like no other, combining years of corporate accounting and operational management experience to improve clients’ outcomes. She intently listens, takes responsibility, and works within reasonable timeframes to deliver solid results. I strongly recommend Brea’s consulting services for businesses moving to the next level.

- John J. Woods, MBA, Chief Growth Officer, Genesis Medical Group


My objective was to grow the business.  I would analyze our company and create new ways to grow.  I then would turn to Brea.  Brea would listen to the idea, analyze what systems needed to be involved then build the programs to make it happen. Breana built a program that was so easy to use that our store managers could become autonomous.  The store manager would estimate sales, COGS to determine gross profit by month then insert these numbers on a spreadsheet Brea built.  Within seconds a P&L was captured for the location that would download all expenses (approximately 90-line items) for the manager’s review.  If the manager was not satisfied with the profit margin, all he had to do was adjust his initial forecast.  Once our 8 locations were satisfied all P&L’s would be merged into a Total Company P&L. This is unheard of in the industry.

- Bob Davidson, Beasley Tire